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Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences will be held on Monday and
Tuesday, November 21 & 22. Students will have an early
release day (12:10 dismissal) on Parent/Teacher
Conference days.

Awards Assembly
After reviewing the format of the Quarterly Awards
assembly presented in the past, and discussing it with staff,
some concerns came to light. First, is the amount of time it
takes to prepare for these assemblies. Staff were required
to organize a 17 page program for each quarter. It was
taking much staff time to prepare 4 assemblies (8 actually,
since we do 2 in a day). Other concerns included loss of
academic time, lack of student interest, and decreased
attendance. We've decided that we will focus on having a
more formal end of the year ceremony to end the year.
Honor Roll will be published next week.

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Little Ram
Student Council Selects School Mascot
Eagles are resting as the little ram returns!
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